Pexip for education

Distance education and e-learning programs extend the reach of the traditional classroom, and are now increasingly using video to enhance the learning experience and engagement of students.

There are many reasons why students chose distance learning – some are unable to travel to a school or university due to distance, disability, or other commitments; some cannot attend classes at traditional times; some already attend classes at one campus but want to access classes only offered at another campus; and some are temporarily unable to attend classes but want to continue their studies. Schools themselves can also benefit from a virtual learning environment as it allows them to access a wider pool of students, and allows them to share their teaching staff across multiple campuses as well as online.

Pexip Infinity allows students to attend lectures and classrooms virtually, simply using a web browser on their mobile device or computer. The same technology is used to collaborate with other students and teachers, either one-on-one or in groups. The platform also supports streaming and recording, so students can catch up with missed classes.

In a study conducted by Indiana University, classes that offered remote access through Pexip bolstered attendance throughout the semester, increased student satisfaction with the course itself, and supported student performance.

The Pexip Infinity platform is well suited for distance learning:

  • Students can join via a web browser on their computer or mobile device – no additional software or plug-ins are required.
  • Providing the ability to join lectures via video reduces absences.
  • Pexip Infinity allows students and teachers to attend classes remotely.
  • All interactive screens can be customized and branded to help the school promote its identity, not the manufacturers.
  • The Pexip Infinity platform scales on demand to accommodate geographic and capacity demands.
  • Pexip’s APIs allow for collaboration to be tightly integrated into existing education tools

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