Financial Services

Financial institutions are looking to video to improve customer experience and expand the reach of their financial advisors.

Video meetings can improve mortgage processing times and reduce the amount of time needed to address a customers concerns or questions.

Pexip Infinity has been leveraged by financial services organizations to provide face-to-face video meetings to customers worldwide. Pexip Infinity allows customers to easily connect to a video meeting, regardless of where they are and what systems they are using.

  • Video meetings can be accessed by customers simply and instantly via a web browser, with no downloads or plugins required.  
  • Advisors can continue to use their own enterprise video conferencing tools such as Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts Meet or dedicated video conferencing systems.
  • The platform can be customized to increase user trust and allow participants to remain in a branded experience.
  • With integration into an organization’s website, financial advisors can maintain access to historical financial data while in video meetings.
  • The ability to offer customers instant meetings, and without needing to travel to their local branch, can accelerate sales cycles and increase user satisfaction.
  • Video meetings offer a more authentic interaction than phone meetings and offer a secure platform to discuss sensitive financial matters.
  • Large financial decisions are often time-sensitive. Video meetings can be arranged ad-hoc and from any location.

Pexip Infinity also offers many benefits when deployed within a financial services organization:

  • The entire video conferencing platform is deployed and used within a secured environment.
  • Where issues such as insider trading are a concern, separation of departments’ information within the same organization can be achieved in a variety of ways, from PIN-protected meetings right up to completely separate deployments within the same data centre.
  • Due to the capacity flexibility of the platform, large, ad-hoc global meetings are handled with ease.
  • Pexip Infinity is easily deployed in heavily regulated environments.
  • The organization maintains complete control over all data.
  • The Pexip solution can be adapted to comply with existing regulations and requirements.



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