Video is an essential element of telehealth platforms, allowing healthcare professionals to improve the efficiency and reach of their care offerings.

Telehealth solutions help to address the needs of the aging population while extending the range of healthcare services available to digital consumers. Video enables monitoring and evaluation capabilities and allows patients to remain in the comfort of their homes. It provides instant visual diagnostics capabilities to assess acute medical needs and provides a trusted lifeline between caregivers and patients.


Organizations in the healthcare industry often have advanced data control and privacy concerns, and operate under strict regulatory requirements such as HIPAA. Pexip puts data control entirely into the hands of the organization. It can be deployed in any private or public cloud,  on-premises in an organization’s data center, or in a combination of the two.


Pexip Infinity includes its own integrated apps that allow patients and healthcare providers to connect to meetings quickly and intuitively, without any additional downloads or plugins. It also supports most other video conferencing systems, allowing medical teams, patients and other parties to connect with each other simply and effectively. The Pexip Infinity video platform can be closely integrated with an organization’s existing workflow and tools to ensure an optimal experience.

Main features

  • Frictionless access to meetings – no downloads or plugins required.
  • Interoperable with video conferencing systems, Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams and Google Hangouts Meet.
  • Enables remote patient monitoring and improves the quality of in-home care.
  • Video meetings allow for instant consultations and evaluations, and removes the burden of travel for patients and consultants.
  • Customizable user interface for a tighter integration with an organization’s branding and experience.
  • Administrators use a single secure interface to deploy and manage the platform globally, allowing them to add capacity, monitor usage, and manage meetings and users.

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