Pexip Infinity licensing model

Build your own video conference platform

Pexip Infinity has an incredibly flexible licensing model. It starts with a base platform license and you can add optional interoperability features and professional services components. Call capacity can be scaled as needed for your organization.

The licensing structure

The Pexip licensing model

Building your Pexip platform consists of a few simple steps:

  • Add your base platform license
  • Add concurrent call capacity licenses as needed
  • Optional: add audio-only capacity licenses
  • Optional: add Virtual Meeting Room capacity licenses
  • Optional: add VMR scheduling for Microsoft Exchange / Outlook
  • Optional: add Google Hangouts Meet interoperability
  • Optional: add Microsoft Teams interoperability

You can scale up or down as required, so you can build the perfect Pexip Infinity deployment for your organization.

When you deploy Pexip Infinity, there is no limit to how many conferencing node servers you deploy – which means you can deploy nodes worldwide without having to buy extra licenses. There is also no special license needed to deploy to cloud IaaS services such as Microsoft Azure, AWS or Google Cloud Platform. Interoperability for Microsoft Skype for Business is built into the base platform.

Are you ready to get started? Contact us to help build your Pexip Infinity deployment.