Pexip Infinity Virtual Meeting Rooms

Pexip Virtual Meeting Rooms (VMRs) are a simple and easy way to meet and collaborate on video or audio.

Your own private meeting room

Virtual meeting rooms are always available for ad-hoc or scheduled meetings. Since the location address doesn’t change, it’s easy to invite guests.


Participants can join VMRs using almost any audio or video device including traditional video conferencing systems, web browsers, Microsoft Lync or Skype for Business clients, and mobile devices.

Any number of participants can join a meeting in a VMR and the company administrator can even customize the layout of participants, from one main participant only, to two main participants and up to 21 video thumbnails of other participants.

Instead of a physical location, VMRs have an address in the form of a URI (Uniform Resource Identifier), formatted just like an email address. Each address is unique and always remains the same. Employee VMR addresses can be created in a familiar format. For example, if an employee’s email address is, the personal VMR address could be Administrators can also assign additional numeric addresses to make dialing from within the organization, or through an IVR service, quick and simple.

VMRs can be PIN protected for both hosts and guests. This provides additional security to the room and prevents unauthorized use. Hosts maintain full control over the meeting and its participants, including adding individual participants.

The addition of VMRs allows for a flexible and on-demand collaboration space for employees. Contact us today to learn more about our VMR licensing.

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